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Posted by : timmichael Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Health Insurance Claim

What Is an Insurance Claim?

A policyholder makes a request for compensation of the loss. That request which is also made to the policy event is called an insurance claim. The claim is verified and approved. The interested party is able to get the payment. Be it death benefits or life insurance claims, everything is covered by the insurance claims. Even the medical examinations can ask you to have insurance policies for free treatment.

Working of an insurance claim

The financial loss of the policyholder is dealt with easily by the paid insurance claims. The insurance claim between the insured and the insurance carrier has to be completed. That is done when premiums are paid by an individual or a group. Costs of medical services, physical damage or liability fall under the costs of insurance claims.

Effect on rates:

Your rates are affected by the number of your insurance claims. This is mostly in cases of property of causality insurance policies. The rate hike is great if the number of your insurance claims is great. It means your policy will not be renewed by the insurance company if you file way too many claims. Your rates will increase if your claim collaborates with the damage caused by you. It depends on whether or not your rates increase if you are not at fault. Rate hikes may not take place when you are not at fault like a storm blowing your house or your parked car being hit by somebody else. Here is some information about accidental claims. The tables are turned when your speeding tickets, frequency of natural disasters are turned in.

There is no equality in all claims when we talk about the rate hikes. The red flag items to insurers may be the claims of injury, damage of water, bites of dogs or slip and fall injury claims. This can be negative for your rates. This may also create a hindrance for your insurer to provide you the coverage. A rate hike may not at all be caused through the dreaded speeding ticket. First ticket is mostly not counted by the companies. The same rule applies to small automobile accidents.

Types of insurance claims:

Property Insurance Claim

Some basic types of insurance claims are as follows:
  • Health insurance claims
  • Property and causality claims
  • Life Insurance Claims

About life insurance claims:

A claim form, a death certificate and the real policy is required for this type of claim. The carrier has to go through deep examination for large face value policies. This clarifies that contract exclusion like suicide does not hold the death of the insured neither does any kind of criminal act. 30 to 60 days are required for the whole process. This also involves the income of the deceased to have his income replaced or get the burden of his expenses covered.

How to file a life insurance claim?

Insurance Claim

Losing someone is a very bitter reality but you have to cope with it. In order to fill out the life insurance claim, here is what you need to do:
  1. Get complete guidance of the process through your insurance agent
  2. The funeral director can provide you the certified copy of the death certificate
  3. Give the news of death to the insurance company
  4. In order to begin the claim process, a life insurance company must get the death certificate

Payment of life insurance claims:

This is totally your choice about how to pay the life policy. You will have this option while filling a claim form. Here are some offered options:
  1. One single amount can be given to you clearing all your payout
  2. A certain amount can be granted when you select you payout schedule
  3. The life expectancy and the death benefit decides the monthly payout
  4. Specific amount for a specific period of time is given according to the payout
  5. Every month you receive a fixed amount if you made a joined account with your spouse but you are the only one who survived. The third-party beneficiary can also get a portion with your permission.


Getting any type of insurance claim is not a compulsion. It is totally your choice but this is a very wise decision with a number of benefits.

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